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Planning Your Move

On instruction World Moving will arrange for our local representative to contact you to arrange a survey and prepare a quotation for your move. The quotation will be completed on a door to door basis and will include all packing, collection and transportation charges to your new home in New Zealand. Should you not have a residence arranged when your effects are cleared and ready for delivery, then World Moving will hold your consignment, in temporary storage until delivery is required.

Prior to the survey, World Moving will contact you directly to discuss your individual requirements for both your actual move and any additional services or information you may require for your arrival in New Zealand. World Moving will maintain direct contact with you throughout your relocation

Advance Planning

It’s never too early to prepare for your move, and even though our packers are experts in International packing, it is still a good idea to start sorting out the essentials well in advance.

Owner Packing

If it is a preference of yours to pack some of your own personal items, then you must provide a detailed inventory to accompany these items for both customs and insurance purposes.

Household Clearance

It is a good idea to clear attics, garages, etc. of items not being included in your shipment prior to your moving day. Garage or car boot sales or the placing of an advert in a local newspaper are successful ways of achieving this.


If you have a difficult access, or live in an apartment block, arrangements with the assistance of our local representative, will need to be made prior to the moving day.

Soft Furnishings

Light clothing and bedding, can be transported in empty drawers and cupboards and will assist in reducing your overall volume, although it is important not to overload these items, as they will need to be carried at some stage.

Outdoor Equipment

New Zealand has strict quarantine regulations, so it is essential that all items that have come into contact with soil, have been well cleaned prior to packing. Items such as tents, garden furniture, bicycles etc. will attract the attention of the Quarantine authorities. Please also ensure that the vacuum cleaner bag is removed prior to packing.

Important Items

Please ensure that items such as passports, air-tickets, etc. are kept in a safe place during the packing process so that they do not accidentally end up being packed with your household effects.

Marine / Transit Insurance

All due care and attention will be taken in the packing and transportation of your possessions, but it is wise to insure your shipment to full destination replacement value.

Moving Day

The packing crew will arrive on the pre-booked day to commence the export packing of you effects. The size and nature of your effects will determine the length of time needed to complete the packing process.

Your effects will be export packed on site in accordance with the agreed packing list prepared during the pre-move survey. The very best available packaging materials will be used to ensure a safe transportation of your effects.

Each package will be clearly labelled with a description of contents, your name, reference and destination.

On the completion of packing a detailed inventory will be completed. A copy of which will accompany your effects, with one being retained for your records.