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Moving to Birmingham

If you are moving to Birmingham, British Movers can transport your possessions. Whatever you are shipping to Birmingham we can move for you.

Our packers

We only employ full time professionals. We do not use casual packers. Our people are highly trained, conscientious and reliable export packers, who enjoy their jobs. You can be confident on a high standard of export packing when moving to Birmingham.

Lots or just a little

We are experienced in sending your possessions to Birmingham, whether it is one suitcase or a complete five bedroom house, by both sea and airfreight, and can offer you competitive rates for a frequent and fast service when shipping to Birmingham.

Quotes quickly

We offer very quick quotes for moving to Birmingham when contacted during working hours, or by the following morning if your enquiry is received overnight. Weekend moving enquiries will be answered on the following Monday morning. For your peace of mind and for an accurate quote - we would need to meet you in your home (this is a free, no obligation service). This way we can answer any questions about your Birmingham move you have and, in most cases, can give you a written quotation there and then.

Your possessions

We also specialise in the shipments of cars to Birmingham, motorcycles etc. We can give you the full picture of what will happen and what you would expect to pay 'all up' when moving to Birmingham

Pets - no worries - we do these almost every day as well. Dogs, cats, horses, husbands etc…

Caring for you

All the above means we manage to keep everything within our own control, which offers you peace of mind in knowing you are using a NEW ZEALAND OWNED AND FAMILY RUN COMPANY with traditional attitudes and values. We genuinely care about your possessions. We take everything we do personally, and that’s not a sales pitch, that’s the way it is.

For more information and experienced honest, free ‘no obligation’ advice, please click here.